Welcome to HighOnCameras.com!

Hello, welcome to my site, my name is Max Lee, I love cameras this site is dedicated to cameras reviews, tips, and anything to do with cameras.  This is an extension of my main website HighOnAndroid.com.

I make videos on YouTube for a living (My YouTube Channel Here) and wanted to make a website where people can find useful information on cameras since I own/have owned many cameras.

My site is dedicated to the “videography” of cameras since that is my passion.  Of course, I love taking photos too but I feel there are many other sites that are already doing that well.

For example, I show you how to mod Canon EF-S lenses to fit on full-frame or Sony/Panasonic speedboosters.  A mod like that might not be so useful to photographers (as it will usually cause vignetting) but it is very useful for videographers who want to make use of EF-S lenses on speedboosters (adapters that allow you to use Canon lenses on other brands of cameras).

Anyways, thank you for visiting my site, I will try my best to give you my opinions on various different cameras/lenses that would work best for making videos.

Check out my current list of cameras and lenses I own.