Author: Max Lee


How to Use Canon AE-1 & Review! [Digital to Analog Experience]

Here’s how to use the Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film camera and my review of it from the perspective of someone who started shooting digital and going back to film. THIS is a LOT of fun!

Rather than just a plain review, I’ve also included some basic tutorial on how to use the Canon AE-1 as I had to learn it all from scratch such as loading 35mm film, attaching Canon FD lens, and also using the shutter speed priority exposure meter for taking shots in aperture priority(without the actual mode).


Paragliders at Mussel Rock! [GH5 60fps][21:9]

Here’s a quick video I made about the paragliders that fly around my house at Mussel Rock in Daly City California.

I used my new Panasonic GH5 to shoot in 4K 60fps slowed down to 24fps and also this video is in 21:9 aspect ratio so if you have an ultra-wide monitor, let me know how it looks!


GH5 Green Screen Setup & 10-bit 422 w/ Atomos Ninja Flame!

This week, I shot my Galaxy S8 review video on my main channel with my GH5 and Atomos Ninja Flame using a green screen. GH5’s 10-bit 422 is perfect for green screen as you get more color depth for better green screen keying, works much better than the GH4 that I used to use, amazing!


Panasonic GH5 Unboxing!

In this video, we unbox the Panasonic GH5, a 4K camera capable of shooting 4K 60fps, 1080P 180fps, and much more.  As a owner of two GH4 cameras, I can say the new GH5 update is INSANELY AWESOME.

While I will not go into detail yet there are two things that stand out with the GH5 above all other cameras in this price range, 4K 60fps and a slew of video stabilization methods.


Sony A7Rii Review!

This camera is AWESOME!  Just buy it!

Okay, just kidding, but the Sony A7Rii is certainly one of the best all-around best photo/video camera you can buy for your money.  First, let me start with what I like most about this camera.  My review will be focused more on the 4K video side of the Sony A7rii (since I make 4K videos on YouTube for a living).


Sony A7Rii IBIS In-Camera Stabilization Test w/ Sigma 24mm F1.4! [Handheld]

I have been fiddling with many different Canon, Sigma, and Sony lenses and have come finally come peace with one favorite lens and setup for my new Sony A7Rii.  While many Canon lenses offered IS, those lenses didn’t have a wide aperture which caused problems in low-light.  My current fastest lens is the Sigma 24mm F1.4 (for Canon) and I really love using it along with Sigma MC-11 adapter on my Sony A7Rii, particularly because I can get a very wide-angle at full-frame mode and also get something like a 35mm in Super 35mm mode.