GH5 Green Screen Setup & 10-bit 422 w/ Atomos Ninja Flame!

This week, I shot my Galaxy S8 review video on my main channel with my GH5 and Atomos Ninja Flame using a green screen. GH5’s 10-bit 422 is perfect for green screen as you get more color depth for better green screen keying, works much better than the GH4 that I used to use, amazing!

If you want to use GH5’s 10-bit 422, I do recommend using Atomos Ninja Flame or Shogun to externally record in Prores HQ or 422 as you have less compression and editing/rendering is 3-5 times faster. Unless you have fastest computer around today, editing GH5’s 10-bit 422 from the camera will be super slow and too compressed to take advantage of.

You can check out the final green screen Galaxy S8 review video here.

Links to stuff I used in this setup:

  • Panasonic GH5 – Amazon B&H
  • Atomos Ninja Flame – Amazon B&H¬†(I do recommend getting the better Ninja Shogun though which is slightly more but can also do 4K 60fps recording while Flame cannot.)
  • Speedbooster¬†– Amazon B&H
  • Sigma 30mm F1.4 for Canon – Amazon B&H
  • Fotodiox Wallmount – Amazon
  • Green Paper – Amazon
  • Softbox Lights – Amazon
  • Audio Technica AT875R – Amazon B&H
  • Phantom Power – Amazon

Note: Speedbooster works great for using Canon lenses and also gives you much “wider” field of view than without it so the Sigma 30mm becomes more like 20mm lens. ¬†Auto focus is decent but I used manual focus for this setup as I wasn’t moving around.

Also see my Unboxing camera setup.

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