How to MOD Canon EFS Lens to Fit Full Frame/Speedbooster/Sony/Panasonic!


In this tutorial, I show you how to MOD any Canon EFS lenses to fit full frame cameras or speedboosters used on Sony or Panasonic cameras like Sony A6300, A7Rii, Panasonic GH4, etc…etc…

This tutorial is primarily for those of you who want to use Canon EFS lenses for videography on speedboosters/Sigma MC-11 since due to crop factor, you may be able to fully utilize an EFS lens on such a setup.

I have successfully used this method on Canon EFS 24mm, 55-250mm, and 17-55mm and they all work flawless with no vignetting on my Sony A6300 w/ Speedbooster Ultra/MC-11 in 4K 24fps Super 35mm mode.

WARNING: Before you do this, be aware that this is a PERMANENT change to your  lens and I will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE if you mess up your lens.  This is just a simple hack but you may ruin your lens in the process if you don’t do it correctly.

Step 1. If you are doing this MOD on a zoom lens, make sure you have zoomed all the way out so you don’t scratch your lens.  Pull any rubber pieces off.


Step 2. Using a small wrench, pull on the plastic lining on the opposite side of the contacts.  Try pulling inwards/outwards a bit then pull out.



Step 3. If you get lucky like I did, the whole piece should fall out.  If not, you may have to break piece by piece and saw off any pieces that are protruding further than the contacts.  But in most cases, the whole plastic lining should fall off.



Q: Does this may my lens more vulnerable to dust?
A: Yes it would probably make it more vulnerable to dust but so long as you have the lens attached to your camera or have a cap on it, you should be good to go.

Q: Does this void my warranty?
A: Most likely yes.  I would not do it unless you are okay with that.

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