Canon 35mm F2 IS Handheld 4K Video Test!


I’ve recently picked up the Canon 35mm F2 w/ IS (Image Stabilization) for use with my Sony A6300 and A7rii.

For photographers, you may be better off spending a bit more for faster Canon 35mm F1.4 or Sigma 35mmm F1.4 as the faster aperture will help you a great deal in low-light nevermind more pleasing bokeh.

For videography, the Canon 35mm F2 is much better option as it offers IS (Image Stabilization).   While the IS isn’t the best I’ve tried it still allows you to get decent 4K videos without a tripod.

For weight, the 35mm F2 weights only 335 grams, making a very good walk-around lens.

On this 4K video test, I used my new Sony A7Rii along with a Sigma MC-11 adapter.  Although Sony A7Rii offers 5-axis stabilization, you cannot take advantage of that when using Canon lenses so all stabilization was done in the lens and this is pretty much the same stabilization you can expect using Canon body or any other brand camaera.

Is it all-around good lens for videography?  That is my main concern since I use these lenses for 4K videos mostly.  Yes, the Canon 35mm F2 is a very good all-around lens for 4K videos.  Stabilization is decent enough to get you through the day without a tripod while F2 aperture is certainly fast for low-light along with heaps of bokeh for close-up shots.

The only thing missing?  It’s not a wide-angle lens, you really couldn’t use it for stuff like vlogging or filming yourself or in a small room as you have to really have the distance between your subject and camera.  But for everything else, yes, this is an excellent camera that’s going to get you very sharp images with image stabilization.

At this point, I am keeping the lens for low-light, ditch-the-tripod situations where I need a fast lens but I don’t want to carry my tripod.

Compared to my favorite Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, this lens weighs less than half the weight and also has IS while the Sigma doesn’t.  With my Sigma 18-35mm, I really need to carry my tripod everywhere and there are times you want to travel light.  This is where the Canon 35mm really shines.

I also have the Sigma 24mm F1.4, which is an excellent lens in low-light (comparable to Sigma 35mm F1.4 but slightly wider) along with a very wide-angle view in comparison but again, the Sigma cannot be used without a tripod for videography and makes the Canon 35mm F2 a great alternative.

Of course, if you are using a camera such as the Sony A7rii which has in-camera stabilization, you will still be able to get stabilization on non-IS lenses like the Sigmas.  But I do feel in-lens stabilization usually is a bit better at stabilizing unless you use both in-lens along with in-camera stabilization (which requires use of Sony lenses).

Overall, very satisfying lightweight lens that you can do a lot with.

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