GH5 4k 60fps Stabliization Test! [Tenderloin, SF]

Here’s a quick stabilization test with Panasonic GH5 + Sigma 30mm F1.4 in 4K 60fps slowed down to 24fps. Shot in the tenderloin district in San Francisco, California.

Only in-camera stabilization used since I have no in-lens stabilization, all shots handheld.

GH5 is pretty amazing as stabilization is really good with its in-lens stabilization.  I would say it is 5 times better than 5-axis stabilization on my Sony A7Rii and A7Sii.  There is also additional electronic stabilization you can turn on but I didn’t turn on for these shots.  I am really loving this camera especially for its stabilization and ability to shoot 4K 60fps.  While I wouldn’t use 4K 60fps for normal recording but it is a great way to get stabilized slow-motion footage that you can add to your 4K 30fps or 24fps videos.


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