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How to Use Canon AE-1 & Review! [Digital to Analog Experience]

Here’s how to use the Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film camera and my review of it from the perspective of someone who started shooting digital and going back to film. THIS is a LOT of fun!

Rather than just a plain review, I’ve also included some basic tutorial on how to use the Canon AE-1 as I had to learn it all from scratch such as loading 35mm film, attaching Canon FD lens, and also using the shutter speed priority exposure meter for taking shots in aperture priority(without the actual mode).


Sony A7Rii Review!

This camera is AWESOME!  Just buy it!

Okay, just kidding, but the Sony A7Rii is certainly one of the best all-around best photo/video camera you can buy for your money.  First, let me start with what I like most about this camera.  My review will be focused more on the 4K video side of the Sony A7rii (since I make 4K videos on YouTube for a living).