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Sony A7Rii Review!

This camera is AWESOME!  Just buy it!

Okay, just kidding, but the Sony A7Rii is certainly one of the best all-around best photo/video camera you can buy for your money.  First, let me start with what I like most about this camera.  My review will be focused more on the 4K video side of the Sony A7rii (since I make 4K videos on YouTube for a living).


Sony A7Rii IBIS In-Camera Stabilization Test w/ Sigma 24mm F1.4! [Handheld]

I have been fiddling with many different Canon, Sigma, and Sony lenses and have come finally come peace with one favorite lens and setup for my new Sony A7Rii.  While many Canon lenses offered IS, those lenses didn’t have a wide aperture which caused problems in low-light.  My current fastest lens is the Sigma 24mm F1.4 (for Canon) and I really love using it along with Sigma MC-11 adapter on my Sony A7Rii, particularly because I can get a very wide-angle at full-frame mode and also get something like a 35mm in Super 35mm mode.


How to MOD Canon EFS Lens to Fit Full Frame/Speedbooster/Sony/Panasonic!

In this tutorial, I show you how to MOD any Canon EFS lenses to fit full frame cameras or speedboosters used on Sony or Panasonic cameras like Sony A6300, A7Rii, Panasonic GH4, etc…etc…

This tutorial is primarily for those of you who want to use Canon EFS lenses for videography on speedboosters/Sigma MC-11 since due to crop factor, you may be able to fully utilize an EFS lens on such a setup.